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Apple macOS 10.12.3 found a simple way to extend the battery life of the MacBook

As stated in an old proverb, the rare laptop will survive until the end of the day. The MacBook in this sense, the exception to the rule: in most scenarios, its battery is enough to work without recharging for a full day.

Anyway, despite the optimization of macOS, Apple laptops can boast a record time of Autonomous work. This is primarily due to the desire of developers to offer a more elegant device, recklessly sacrificing the dimensions of the power source. The experience of the owners of the latest generation MacBook Pro confirms it.

With the release of the fourth beta version of Mac OS 10.12.3 Apple tried to find a way out of the situation, offering users a MacBook ways to extend their work offline.

Now macOS Sierra automatically checks the exhibited configuration of the portable computer and offers recommendations. The function called is located in the top menu bar. If the “Makovod” put the brightness of the Mac screen is too high, the operating system will offer to reduce it. Dimming the display is one of the most effective ways to significantly save costs of the battery. You also need to enable the function of aftertaste — it yourself otkalibrovani the screen to the ambient light.

If the user has disabled the auto-lock device, macOS will carefully remind you to change this setting in order to prolong the lifetime of your MacBook away from an outlet.

Hints in macOS Sierra work automatically. If the laptop is configured optimally, recommendations menus are not displayed.

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