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Apple lost to Xiaomi, the world’s largest smartphone market

The largest smartphone market showed an increase by 11.4% by the end of 2016, significantly higher than 2015, when it registered a growth of 1.9%. Apple in the last quarter only took fifth place, losing sales Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mi Mix and iPhone 7 Plus

According to analysts, over the past year were sold in China 476,5 mln smartphones. While in the final quarter, shipments of smartphones reached of 131.6 million pieces, which is the highest quarterly figure for China in the entire history of observations. Thus, the share of China accounted for almost a third of world shipments of smartphones.

In this period, the Apple in China ahead of local brands. The leader of the mobile market was Chinese company Huawei, which put 76.2 million smartphones for the year. On the heels of she’s compatriot Oppo, the annual volume of shipments which amounted to 73.2 million units. Three closes Vivo with a score of 63.2 million smartphones sold. Experts predict a further intensification of competition between Huawei, Oppo and Vivo in 2017, noting that in these circumstances, other brands would be virtually impossible to achieve growth in China.

In Canalys estimates that Xiaomi in the past year released in China 51.4 million smartphones, which allowed it to take fourth place. Apple became only the fifth with an index of 43.8 million iPhone. Unlike the leaders of the Chinese market, the supply apparatus Xiaomi and Apple in China significantly decreased by 21% and 18.2%, respectively, with the result that the Apple fell to fifth place.

If the iPhone maker does not correct the situation soon, soon, the sales decline will only intensify. Apple will lose a large market, which grew in the last few years.

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