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Apple lost $160 billion amid predictions on the fall of the smartphone market

Not so long ago Apple’s stock was valued at $134, and it is the most expensive Corporation in the world. But, apparently, ahead of the iPhone and iPad manufacturer will face difficult times. Analysts predict the fall of the smartphone market that Apple does not promise anything good.

Experts revise forecasts of Apple’s revenues to decrease, for the current quarter and the first quarter of 2016. Weak demand for smartphones is the main reason for pessimism, and the Apple iPhone bring the main profit.

Last week Apple securities were in the red zone and out in no hurry. Shareholders will not be happy schedule share neither that day nor during the last six months. The highest value was achieved from February to July, and since then the share price decreases, only in early November with close to $125. The low point was reached in August, when shares were worth $103. Now the price is very close to this minimum is about $106.

While other prominent technology companies, as noted Oszone, the dynamics are more favorable: the stock price of Amazon, Netflix and Microsoft growing. The latter growth was 16% versus fall Apple 4.1%, higher than for included in the rating of Standard & Poor’s 500 declining 2.6%.

Apple lost on the fall promotion of $160 billion, which exceeds the cost of some famous companies, like Cisco and Citigroup.

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