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Apple literacy: why Apple Watch best activity trackers

In order to make their first smart watches really helpful for those who are engaged in fitness, Apple invited a team of developers of the present guru of sports — renowned trainer Jay Blahnik. According Trendymen, he took the post of medical consultant and was able to make Apple Watch become really useful purchase for your health. But everything in order.

Blahnik has become famous due to the fact that for 20 years consulting and individual training on the verge of fitness and nutrition. He has published several bestsellers, devoted to his work, and participated in the development of Nike+, which uses wearable sensors and system applications and your own social network. In the Apple Jay Blahnik is primarily responsible for the fitness direction, and that’s what he managed to squeeze in a small case Apple hours.


Watch real steel hit the market even before the official premiere. Since the start of sales has sold more than three million Apple Watch, and it breaks all records for iPhone and iPad previous generations. According to the polls, 97% of owners are completely satisfied with the product, and 86% wear watches every day. Thus, smart watch become a thing that accompanies a person more than any other subject. And the watch will have a significant impact on the habits of those who wears them. And although reviewers have been saying that I bought the watch not for fitness, but in reality everything turned out quite differently.

Wrist exercise

According to surveys by the research Bureau Wristly, 75% of the owners uses a smart watch as an alarm clock, and 59% believe that using the Apple Watch has helped them to lose weight. Step counter, heart rate monitor and other features fitness tracking watches, and the task of the developers was to make this possible.

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Mobile activity

App for tracking health and activity turn everyday activity into a kind of a fun game and motivate for additional loads such as additional evening walks or bike rides. Commit loads of progress and a visual comparison of statistical data is able to motivate anyone, and, according to Jay Blahnik, that is the indisputable superiority of smart-watches.

The difference smart watches and fitness trackers

All that can do for the health smart watch can do and fitness trackers. Is it true this statement or is there a difference between these two manifestations of one direction in electronics? Typically, fitness trackers focus on either the number of steps or calories burned. For verification of the results desired synchronization. In the case of Apple Watch, the user can monitor activity in real time and get help directly while Jogging.

The sports world

Even professional athletes don’t mind that they had an assistant that was always connected. Surprisingly few fitness trackers are built on this principle. No tracker will not remind you that it is time to shake the fat lying on the table. And here’s the Apple Watch, due to synchronization with other devices, will not disappear just like that.

Smart coaching

Adaptive system designed by Blahnik operates on this principle that you will get advice when you need it. The system can recognize activities and make relevant notes that will help the athlete with the watch on his arm. This type of coaching is more useful than the others and can work much more efficiently.

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