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Apple leased the fleet from Hertz to test the system of Autonomous driving

Apple leases the company aggregator Hertz fleet prototype with the autopilot system. The Cupertino-based company had previously received permission to test three prototype vehicles based on the Lexus RX 450h, but the sources said that six cars were tested “Apple” giant informed throughout the year without much publicity. Shares of Hertz based on the news, soared to 13%.

Apparently, Hertz is the opportunity to experience a new type of services – provision of rent of robomobile. All prototypes involved in the tests involved regular passengers are always under the control of the test driver’s and engineers that are located in the front passenger seat.

The same motivates and Avis, which entered into an agreement with Waymo for the servicing and maintenance of the fleet of minivans Chrysler Pacifica with the autopilot feature, which are being tested in Arizona.

Cooperation scheme Waymo Avis more simple – the latter takes over the contents and maintenance of robotic minivans Chrysler Pacifica with a combined population of California company wants to bring to 600 pieces. Avis will provide for them a Parking space (carport), will wash these cars, change the oil, tires and consumables.

Company-aggregator of taxi services has already been seen in collaboration with the developers of autopilot systems. For example, Uber is experiencing in the United States prototypes of “auto taxi” on the platform of the Volvo XC90, and General Motors has partnered with Lyft and child service Maven car rental.

Now partners from among companies providing rent-a-car, appeared and Apple.

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