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Apple launches educational seminars on various topics in retail stores worldwide

Apple has announced plans to launch in all stores 495 brand new educational seminars on various topics: from photography to video to music, programming, art, design and many other areas. Workshops, called “Today in the Apple” will be carried out by specialists of Apple, and in some cities, artists, photographers and musicians of the world level.

“At the heart of every Apple store have a passion to educate and inspire people living around,’ said Angela Ahrendts, senior Vice President of Apple retail. Seminars “Today in the Apple” became a new step in servicing our buyers and businessmen in different regions. We are creating a modern urban space where anyone can experience the best of the Apple world, make new contacts, discover new passion and elevate your skills to a new level. We believe that these events will be fun and informative for all participants.”

The seminars will include lessons for beginners and training programmes. Free training program dedicated to Apple products, which are loved by customers of all ages and skill levels. For example, an iPhone user interested in photography to start with six practical sessions on photography, organization, media library, photo processing and other aspects.

More experienced photographers can join the photo outings where, in practice, will be studied working with light and shadow, portrait photography and creating photographic stories. And in photo labs for professional photographers will be offered topics such as photographing in a natural setting, brand building on social networks and have your own style.

Apple also offers special programs for families and teachers. On Teaching Tuesdays will discuss new ways to use technology in the classroom and training programmers of all ages the language of Swift, which you can create applications for iOS and Mac. During the weekend families can join the Children’s hour, where children will be able to master a variety of skills from composing to programming robots. And new business seminars small business owners can establish contacts with entrepreneurs from your region and around the world.

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Many of the sessions will be conducted by professionals Creative Pro — this new status is a creative analogue to the technical status of the Apple Genius. Every professional Creative Pro well versed in one or more areas of the arts and received special training to transfer their knowledge to Apple users with any level of knowledge.

The program “Today in the Apple”

The program “Today in the Apple” includes more than 60 different classes on development of creative skills, including:

Studio Apple watch — analogue consultations of professors in universities. Professionals Creative Pro spend an hour and a half classes on a variety of topics, from art and design to create documents and presentations. Anyone can come with their projects and get expert advice, as well as to work together with other participants.

Photo outings and Workshops will teach participants not only to identify but also to practice various creative techniques. The outings dedicated to such topics as cropping when shooting architecture and video recording of dynamic events. The Plein air will be studied drawing scenes from life, working with watercolor and brush, and much more.

Kids watches, where children can give free rein to your imagination in practical, hands-on activities such as programming robots Sphero, writing music in GarageBand and making movies in iMovie.

The programming lessons are offered to anyone wanting to learn to program on iPad in Swift Playgrounds is a fun and interactive app for beginners. Classes will explore basic concepts of programming, which is used daily by professional developers.

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Practical lessons from the “Photo lab” to offer talented photographers to experiment with new techniques and styles to develop their unique vision. And in the classroom, “Musical laboratory” will explore different genres and new instruments for musicians of all levels.

Experienced users of Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X available professional sessions on various topics: from correction and color calibration through to final installation, from audio mixing, to creating soundscapes.

Some shops will be influential artists and musicians who talk about their creative process and share their talents live.

To conduct new activities each store will be equipped with new mobile screens Forum Display, specially developed by Apple seminar “Today at the Apple” as well as new seats and sound system.

The program “Today in the Apple” will start worldwide in may. Classes will be held in each store.

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