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Apple launched two new YouTube channel for Japan and Korea

Apple launched two new channel on YouTube. The first company puts video ads in Japanese, the second in Korean.

Apple plans to actively promote through a Network of its products in two important markets. To this end, YouTube has opened two additional channels. The Japanese version launched a few days ago, Korean – Monday. Apple currently have stationed about 50 movies: the company translates the titles, description and voice clips.

The last series consists of three promotional video demonstrating the capabilities of the Apple Watch to send messages, read email, answer calls, fitness training, etc. the advertising Slogan “Watch here.”

Video melodic music shows scenes from the life of Apple Watch users. Here are a couple wakes up to the sound hours. Here is a young woman in a foreign country oriented map, looking at the screen of the device, and the passenger at the station answers the call. Here the athlete turns on the timer before a run and a woman checks messages. In each situation, the Apple Watch make life easier and more convenient.

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