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Apple launched the large-scale study of cardiac arrhythmias

Apple, along with Stanford University launched a global study. With the Apple Watch, the company will measure heart rate of people and to analyze the data.

“Today, Apple launches the Apple Heart Study. This is the first of its kind tool to monitor the heart rhythm of people. Using heart rate monitoring in the Apple Watch we will collect the necessary data and notify the owners of the clock, if they have signs of atrial fibrillation. Atrial fibrillation (a-FIB or atrial fibrillation) is one of the main causes of heart attack, which in the U.S. die each year about 130 000 people,” reads the official announcement by Apple.

Apple representatives told about how smart watches will help in the study:

“To monitor heart rate in the Apple Watch uses a green led on the back of the case. It flickers and shines through the wrist. At this time, the light-sensitive photodiode detects the amount of blood passing through the vessels. Coupled with special software, the sensor detects the pulse and instantly records this information. This technology is the basis of Apple Heart Study”.

In an interview to CNBC chief operating officer of Apple Jeff Williams said that in the future their work could save many lives:

“At first glance, this is a fairly simple study, but we believe that it is something special. Perhaps we should spare not one life”.

Now, the study can take part of any owner of an Apple Watch (except hours first generation)
older than 22 years and living in the United States.

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