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Apple launched an investigation into the cases of involuntary disconnection AirPods during a conversation

Wireless AirPods headphones, hitting the market late last year, faced with the problem. When used in conjunction with smartphones iPhone earphones involuntarily disconnected from them during a telephone conversation. As reported by MacRumors, Apple began investigating the situation after the emergence of numerous user complaints.

The connection disappears and appears in one of the earphones. In this case, the connection remains stable if headphones use only for listening to music or in other applications.

Neither resetting nor rebooting the iPhone does not solve the problem. As owners of the iPhone 7 yet the problem is not misleading, it seems that it is characteristic only for previous generation models. Several users change smartphones on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus announced the complete absence of cases of sudden rupture of the wireless connection.

In initial reports suggest that the gap Bluetooth connection only happens when iPhone connected smart watch Apple Watch. However, MacRumors was able to reproduce this issue when connecting to the smart watch Fitbit Blaze that says about the broader nature of the conflict in the case of connecting multiple Bluetooth devices.

Apple offers owners of AirPods to a workaround to use for calls only one earphone because the connection is observed only when both use the headset.

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