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Apple launched a large programme to replace batteries in iPhone

Recently, Apple has brought users around the world to apologize for the slowdown in older iPhone models with worn batteries. His words, the Corporation decided to back up a discount on a replacement battery, which takes effect from 30 December 2017.

Previously, the company wrote about the fact that replacement batteries will be launched in early 2018. But after a few days to present Apple’s Rene Ritchie reported that the discounts will apply early. Apparently, the Corporation was able to settle all organizational issues early and begin to serve customers now.

In what devices will change the battery at a discounted price?

According to Apple, the discount applies to the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, and iPhone SE. The cost of repairing other devices, including the iPad, has not changed.

Moreover, cheap batteries will receive only those who bring a smartphone with a worn out battery. Certainly, when users come to the service center, its staff will take the gadget to diagnose, check the status of the battery and select the discount will apply or not.

How to check the battery status in the smartphone of their own?

The easiest way is to open iPhone settings and select the item “Battery”. If it is something not, then at the top of the window will display information about that device battery is in bad condition and requires replacement. Otherwise you can refrain from fixing.

How much cost of battery replacement?

Apple just announced prices for the United States. Repairs will cost 29$. As for Russia, Apple recommends that you contact an authorized service center and specify the cost of a replacement battery there.

How long is this program?

Until the end of 2018.

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