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Apple laughed at the Windows logo

For anybody not a secret that Apple and Microsoft are competitors. Companies compete on the market of personal computers, mobile operating systems and gadgets. Sometimes this rivalry takes an unexpected turn.

Technical support app iCloud Calendar found “Easter” from egg to Apple employees. Instead of a logo of Windows on a partition for the OS was accompanied by the image of an ordinary window frame.

It is unlikely Apple has forgotten how really looks like the Windows logo or just have something mixed up. For some reason, in Cupertino decided to laugh at his rival. And, admittedly, in light of recent events, this step seems very sudden. Most recently, Tim cook has publicly announced that friendly relations with the company from Redmond.

Despite the fact that Microsoft is a direct competitor to Apple on the mobile market, where the past overtakes the software giant with a substantial lead, cooperation between corporations cook believes the right step: “the Partnership with Microsoft is good for our users, that’s why we do it.”

For the first time in many years at Microsoft, took the stage during the last presentation of Apple, where he was touted as the iPad Pro and how well this gadget is suitable for their office Suite of applications. Of course, this cooperation interesting for both companies: Apple will be able to occupy a stronger position in the corporate segment, and Microsoft will increase the user base of its products at the expense of more popular mobile devices “Apple” of the company. And yet Apple couldn’t resist a little joke on Microsoft.

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