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Apple joined the working group on the standardization of WebVR

06.07.2017 apleapplekot 0 Comments

Apple was among the participants of the working group of the W3C, which develops the draft WebVR. His goal is adding support for virtual reality in the major browsers – Mozilla, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Safari.

Apple joined the working group on the standardization of WebVR

WebVR is an open standard development, which aims to define how browsers should interact with the VR equipment. Unification will allow hardware and software to work properly, give people the ability to use them through the usual browsers including Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

At WWDC 2017 Apple publicly demonstrated interest in VR and said that the whole year working with Valve on the adaptation of SteamVR to macOS. Recently the company took another step toward immersive computing, joining the group WebVR in the composition of the consortium W3C. The group was created a year ago and its members have a significant impact on the development of virtual reality on the Internet.

Founded in 1994, the W3C recognized by thousands of companies as standardizati the web industry. It helps to shape, maintain and develop the fundamental technologies, such as HTML and CSS, encouraging communication and consensus between stakeholders. To achieve this, W3C forms expert team of developers, in which they decide how it should look and work standards.

WebVR Community Group headed by Chris van Veneers from Mozilla and Brandon Jones of Google, who made a great contribution to the development of technology. In the group of 152 participants from Microsoft, Intel, Samsung and other companies.

Today among the five most popular browsers — Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari and Opera — only the last two remain without official support WebVR. Obviously, Apple decided to improve. Her group included senior front-end developer Brandel, Zachernuk, one of the two editors WebGL Dean Jackson and a company veteran with thirty years of experience David singer.


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