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Apple joined the organization for the study of artificial intelligence involving IBM and Microsoft

Apple joined the non-profit organization for the study of artificial intelligence “Partnership on AI”, which consist of Microsoft, IBM, Google, Facebook and Amazon. About it reports Bloomberg with reference to sources.

Apple, until recently, adhered to a closed policy and information about the various research projects, including in the field of machine learning. However, in December, Ruslan Salakhutdinov, recently headed to the Apple research unit on developments in the field of artificial intelligence, said that the company is changing its policy and now the work will be published and staff can openly interact with the scientific community.

Officially joining Apple partnership could be announced this week. Apple representatives and Partnership on AI refused to comment on the information.

Apple’s approach to the implementation of artificial intelligence was in the privacy of their developments, combined with hiring the best specialists in the field. The company’s policy began to change only last year. The entry of Apple into the organization that publishes information about artificial intelligence under an open license, indicates a change in the policy of openness of the Corporation as a whole.

In late December Apple announced a method to improve synthetic images for training the neural network. This is the first officially published in public access work, concerning developments in the field of artificial intelligence.

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