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Apple is working on the straps for the Apple Watch with built-in sensors of pressure, temperature and oxygen in the blood

If you disconnect the strap from the Apple Watch, in the place of fastening of the bottom part can be used to detect hidden connector, which Apple is silent on the official product page, as well as in supporting documentation. This interface port, the company plans to use to create “smart” straps for a smart watch. At least, such information has Czech news resource LetemSvetem.

Special six-slot is located inside one of the grooves for fastening the strap of the Apple Watch. In appearance it resembles a Lightning for iPhone and iPad. With it, you are installing the operating system on the stage of production of new items, so, as expected, he showed up in the final version hours.

However LetemSvetem leads a more interesting explanation. According to the source, Apple is planning to release a line of “smart” straps for the Apple Watch, which will be connected to the electronic bracelet through the interface connector. Accessories will be compatible with Apple Watch first generation, but will not until 2016.

Apple intends to release the straps with a sensor of oxygen in the blood, respiration sensor, a module for measuring blood pressure and temperature sensor. The reason it took bracelets, due to the fact that these sensors cannot be integrated directly in the case of the Apple Watch. The temperature sensor body, for example, should be placed on the reverse side of the wrist, so that the readings are not influenced by the temperature of the hour.

Previously, manufacturers of accessories have found that 6-pin connector Apple Watch can be used for charging the device and to cope with this task faster wireless charging. On a video on YouTube the creators of the Reserve strap Strap showed the difference in speed of charging the battery of the Apple Watch with MagSafe and via the diagnostic port of the device. It is noteworthy that with this method the watch’s display does not appear charging icon, and the device heats up much less.

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