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Apple is working on its own display technology, which is superior to OLED

This year, Apple is expected to release the first smartphone that will receive an OLED display. However, the next-generation iPhone, which will debut in 2018, can be equipped with a display is not OLED and micro-LED, the development of which invests on Apple.

According to Business Korea, the smart watch Apple Watch Series 3 first will get the display micro-LED. Previously, it was suggested that the development, described as “a technological breakthrough in” screens will be used in the headset or car screen, but sources claim that the first panel at the microscopic LEDs will get smart watches to the next generation.

Screen micro-LED is thinner than LCD and OLED is more energy efficient. However, his production is more complex and expensive. Panel micro-LED consists of led sizes from 1 to 100 microns.

A little over three years ago, Apple acquired the manufacturer of micro-LED displays LexVue. And in the spring of 2015 built Taiwan factory, where it conducts research and examines the production of the panels micro-LED technology LexVue.

As for the third generation of the Apple Watch, their debut is expected in September. Externally, the novelty will be similar to the Apple Watch first generation, but will become more independent from the iPhone and will differ long battery life.

Specific information on the timing of transition to Micro-LED Apple sources are not given. However, analysts believe that after the “break” of the technology in the Apple Watch it will find application in iPhone.

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