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Apple is working on a new app to track the quality of sleep Apple Watch users

Sleep is an important part of our lives. At this time there is recovery, self healing, mental “reboot” of the whole organism. Many wearable gadgets offer features for tracking sleep – tracking its duration and quality. Apple has not yet implemented such a function in their own “smart” watches, but work in this direction is underway.

According to Bloomberg, Cupertino is preparing to extend the functionality of the Apple Watch due to the tracking of the sleep phases and measurements of physical fitness of the user by comparing the peak values of the pulse parameters in relax mode.

For correct function you will need to wear the Apple Watch on hand and start the app before you go to bed. The sensors the smart watch will record movement, to determine how often the user was moving and how strong was his dream. Waking up will remain to press the button again to end tracking. The gadget will show graphs on how much is spent in each phase of sleep, and what was its quality.

As global targets Apple wants to make HealthKit platform into a full-fledged tool to improve diagnosis of the health of the user. In the future it is possible to add new sensors in the Apple Watch, for example, to measure pressure and blood sugar levels.

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