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Apple is the new iPhone 7 Plus demonstrated capabilities for portrait mode shooting [video]

Apple released two new promotional videos for the iPhone 7. Videos called Soul Mate and Creek intended for broadcast on television.

A 15-second video Apple focuses on dual-camera iPhone 7 Plus. Specifically on portrait shooting mode, only available on this model. In the first video Soul Mate compares two photos of dogs taken in normal mode and bokeh, the second child in the water. One of the two images blurred the background to enhance the focus on your subject, making it ideal for portraits.

This is not the first promotional video of Apple showing the capabilities of the iPhone 7. The previously released video for “Take Mine” in which the heroine of the clip travels to an unfamiliar European city and uses a dual camera for shooting pictures with bokeh effect.

In the video, “Midnight”, the company showed the owner of the iPhone 7 Plus, which uses a dual camera smartphone for taking photos at night.

Previously, Apple published a gallery of photos with bokeh effect taken by professional photographers on the iPhone 7 Plus.

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