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Apple is the leader among companies using conflict-free minerals

Non-profit research organization the Enough Project published a report on the companies that do not support military action, buying raw materials and minerals. Apple was named the “clear leader” among companies that don’t support the aggression in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Enough Project purpose is to halt the mass killings and other crimes against humanity. Employees of the organization have chosen 20 companies with the largest capital and estimated their relative methods of business organization related to obtaining conflict-free minerals.

By definition of the Commission on securities and stock exchange transactions (SEC) of the United States, conflict-free minerals are mined in areas of armed conflict. This term is commonly applied to tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold mined in Congo and other neighboring countries.

Major categories of assessment:

• Due attention and reporting in obtaining conflict-free minerals.
• The development of conflict-free minerals trade in the Congo, in particular, of gold;
• Support and improve the conditions of communities that are engaged in artisanal mining in Eastern Congo;
• Active support for the use of minerals, the proceeds of which are not in support of violence.

In the report of the Enough Project, Apple was granted a separate section titled “Outstanding efforts”. It says that the iPhone maker is unthinkable deeds to income acquired in the Congo minerals used for peaceful purposes. Apple ensures that its partners also did not use conflict minerals.

Among other corporations, also received high praise from the Enough Project, it can be noted Microsoft Alphabet (holding, which is owned by Google), Hewlett Packard and Intel.

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Such technological giants as Sony, Samsung and Toshiba, the authors of the report recommend the adoption of a “significant and immediate action” on the use of conflict free minerals.

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