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Apple is suing for $20 million against streaming service Tidal

Music service Tidal rapper Jay-Z is not a threat to the streaming Apple, however, the company is preparing legal proceedings against the company. Interestingly, it is about a charity concert.

According to the resource PageSix, Apple Music threatens lawsuit Tidal because of the emergence of rapper Drake at a charity event to benefit children affected by hurricane Katrina. The service was broadcast the concert live, while the musician signed a contract for $19 million with Apple.

The Corporation was officially addressed with the claim to Tidal. Apple said that if the concert was broadcast live, it will seek a court compensation payment of $20 million.

“Service Tidal has received official notice that he was warned that Drake has no right to appear on live broadcasts of solo or group performers. If this warning was ignored, compensation in favor of Apple could be $20 million… It was a charity event, Drake performed two songs. Why Apple thinks it has the right to dictate to the musicians, where and when they can drive?”, – PageSix writes.

On Saturday in the Tidal Twitter appeared the following message: “Apple prevents artists, allows you to broadcast performances. Sorry for the inconvenience, Big Brother.”

Jay-Z has launched a streaming service Tidal in March of this year. The initiative was received very ambiguous: musician gathered for the ceremony under two dozen Hollywood stars and named them co-owners. Thus, Tidal is a service managed by musicians… But, for some reason, very often the richest. Thus the cost of services on Tidal significantly higher than that of competing services.

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Service offering music in MP3 and lossless, has not won great popularity. The prospects of Tidal already doubted and his co-owners, who promoted actively “revolutionary” idea. Kanye West, for example, has replaced the avatar with the same logo on the cover of his old album and deleted from Twitter all my notes concerning Tidal. What the outcome of the incident broadcast performances by Drake, we can only guess. It is possible that it did intend to draw attention to the service.

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