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Apple is recruiting a team of journalists for a news app

Apple has decided to hire an enthusiastic and skilled journalists” for their new news app. They will have to select suitable content that is not suitable existing search algorithms, and communicate with partner media.

Apple news must replace an existing application Kiosk, according to Financial Times with reference to the vacancy announcement published on the company’s website on 13 June. It notes that successful candidates should be able to “find and display the best of the latest national, world and local news”.

Applicants for the position of editor in the Apple news you need to have a relevant degree (journalism, communications or close to this degree), bachelor’s degree and at least 5 years of professional experience in news services and skills, is to “take away original, interesting stories that can hardly be found using algorithms”. Also candidates should be familiar with the news, to be able to track and select the most important ones, to deliver specific content to specific people, to understand the necessary technologies.

The company expects the applicants ability to clearly organize their time, to work in a team and individually. In a long list of qualities which, according to Apple, should have journalists Apple news, includes flexibility, curiosity, ambition, interest to detail, willingness to learn new things. Apple declined to elaborate on a new job.

The appearance of app Apple news iOS 9 has been announced at WWDC. It is a news aggregator that will remember the preferences of the owner of the device and offer messages on relevant topics.

Apple has also entered into agreements to publish such publications as Financial Times, New York Times, The Guardian and The Economist. They will put the application on four material per day, which can be accessed by clicking on the icon on the screen. Income from advertising in these publications will go to the publishers. If they want to involve the sale of advertising for Apple, the company will retain 30% of advertising revenues.

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Apple is not the first technology company that goes into the information space and enlists the aid of journalists. Thus, in recent years, Flipboard, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat invited for work of journalists, for example, from CNN, NBC and other companies for the organization of work with the flow of news.

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