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Apple is preparing for a record sales of iPad

Against the background of growth of sales of the iPhone in January, Apple is preparing to record low supplies of the iPad. About it writes the edition DigiTimes, with reference to the forecast of analysts Digitimes Research. According to the publication, in January-March 2016 worldwide will be released to 9.8 million iPads, 39.1% and 20% less than a quarter and a year earlier respectively. Such low volume quarterly shipments of Apple gadgets was not in the entire history of the device.

Analysts believe that the reason for the drop in sales iPad, the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus. Phablet – a smartphone with large screen – fully satisfies the needs of owners of “Apple” gadget, tablet, they use less.

So it was with iPod. In the middle of the zero that the device could become a household name. A little more, and the word “player” to finally be released from use and replaced with the word “iPod”.

Recall that once Sony with its Walkman has managed to pull off something similar in the English-speaking world, but Apple is out of luck: it released the iPhone. First iPod was sold not worse, then became a gadget for young people, then tried again to conquer the market increased hard drive, but in the end quite sour.

When in 2010 appeared on the market iPad, many analysts considered it “unnecessary” gadget in the Apple line. In that moment, he seemed too big to be mobile, too poor in functionality and technical characteristics, to withstand the laptop and too expensive to overcome readers.

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By an amazing coincidence, today the Apple tablet was back in that awkward situation when his weaknesses were more important than strong. In the segment of laptops its push transformers from third-party developers, superior performance and ergonomics, in the smartphone segment – having increased the size of iPhone. The return of readers to the mass launch flexible monochrome displays should not wait, but the iPad may not live up to these times.

Realizing this, Apple began to promote the tablet in the corporate environment. However, the latest figures show that the iPad Pro has failed to stop the decline in sales. According to analysts, in the near future, the company may completely abandon the release of the iPad.

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