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Apple is preparing another revolution in smartphones

E-SIM card already used in the iPad and some gadgets “Internet of things”, but electronic iPhone SIM cards are not yet available. Analyst firm IHS says that by 2019, Apple will begin to place their smartphones models eSIM.

According to estimates by IHS, the number of eSIM will increase with 108.9 million in 2016 to 986 million by 2021. Today there is no single model of smartphone with eSIM, but wearable devices, gadgets and items of the Internet of things is already equipped with a built-in SIM cards.

Then others in the region eSIM has gone Microsoft, the company, in partnership with Gemalto planned to be equipped with built-in SIM cards to its own devices on Windows 10. The legacy of unfulfilled plans remained only application through which it would be possible to buy packages of Internet traffic. But Microsoft has almost turned the mobile direction of all its lines the company has left alive only transformer tablet Surface.

Built-in SIM card allows the iPhone owner to choose their own operator and tariff plan, however, the choice will be supervised by the manufacturer of the device. This means that Apple is expected to begin negotiations with operators from the perspective of the seller of tariffs, and is a completely different universe in which other laws are.

eSIM at the moment scale is used only iPad. Thanks to the “Apple SIM” tablet can find the network in more than 140 countries and regions of the world. To connect on the spot, it is enough to choose the tariff plan with the desired validity period directly on the device. Unfortunately, no results of this business Apple has not announced. After all, the worst that can make the manufacturer of mobile devices, it is to quarrel with the operator is instantly covers major sales channel, which immediately affects financial performance.

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In the first stage, the eSIM may find application in the segment of carrier-branded smartphones. No slot for SIM card cellular provider ensures that the owner of the device will use its services, and will not enter the unlock code and go to a competitor. However, eSIM is not so cheap to be used in low-end devices and expensive smartphones operators under their own brand is not released.

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