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Apple is preparing a service Find My Watch and monitor the quality of sleep for Apple Watch

Apple is developing a new software update for the Apple Watch with a number of additional functions. In the list of new features of a smart watch sources called the service of determining the geolocation data in case of theft and an app for analyzing sleep quality.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple has completed the testing of the update that includes improvements in security, fitness, Wi-Fi and integration with third-party applications. One of the functions of this firmware is the built-in service “Find My Watch” which allows you to track the location of a wearable computer. The Apple Watch users can download the app for iPhone and iPad or to go on a special web page within your account to get access to the functionality of the service.

“Find My Watch” will allow you to determine the location of “smart” hours in case of loss or theft, remotely lock the device, clear the internal memory. It will be possible to remotely trigger the alarm sound at maximum volume, which will publish an electronic bracelet. In addition, the Apple Watch will not allow the owner to lose the iPhone. Forget somewhere a smartphone and leave, as when out of range of Bluetooth watches will be able to signal.

In addition, Apple is working on new fitness opportunities. In particular, the company is experimenting with the function of detecting irregular cardiac rhythm in order to notify the user of possible danger. The emergence of such options, however, open to question – at the beginning of the year, the Office for quality control of foodstuff and medicines (FDA) refused to register the Apple Watch in the category “medical equipment”.

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In the near future Apple will add in the smart watch built-in blood pressure monitor and track the quality of sleep, and in the longer term – sensor glucose level. As a result, users will be able to learn the level of sugar in the blood during use of the device.

Among other features of the new Apple Watch platform called custom complication-widgets. To most faces you can add a full set of complications. Some are traditional, such as moon phase, sunrise and sunset, the other is only in the Apple Watch, like stock quotes, weather forecast, the following event on your calendar and daily activity. Now users can only choose from the preset options, but third-party developers can provide their own solution.

With the release of software updates Apple Watch should be supported by native applications. The release date of update is still unknown.

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