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Apple is preparing a revolution in the mobile industry, comparable to the presentation of the first iPhone

It is no secret that Apple is planning to completely revise the design of the iPhone line of smartphones in 2017. In the new generation of gadgets will use a glass case, will lose the Home button and OLED smartphone display will stretch the entire front panel. A similar innovation is now hardly somebody can be surprised – the main innovation will be hiding inside the iPhone 8.

Last week, the Nikkei newspaper reported that the jubilee model of the iPhone in 2017 will be equipped with wireless charging. According to some reports, Apple’s suppliers have already started production of trial lots of modules that will be integrated into the new Apple smartphone.

Many of those who learned about wireless charging in the new iPhone, did not pay attention to a number of important developments in the industry, one of which was a demonstration of the technology, Energous. There is every reason to believe that Apple is directly connected with this startup. If so, then in the near future, the smartphone market are waiting for radical changes.

Current ways of wireless charging as such can be called only conditionally – they have a small radius of action, and the device should always be at the site, which is connected to the network wire. Energous has proposed a solution that allows you to charge wirelessly devices located within the one room.

Imagine the possibilities offered by this technology. The iPhone owner do not have to keep the smartphone on the stand or in the immediate vicinity of the transmitter. Charging is done completely unnoticed within a radius of 5 meters. If you add an additional adapter, it will completely relieve the owner from problems with the discharge of the gadget: smartphone battery is always charged, even if the user left it in your bag or pants pocket.

There is reason to believe that Apple is a partner of Energous. Today, Energous announced the receipt of $10 million strategic investment from Dialog Semiconductor company developing a solution for power management in portable electronics. As noted by a leading analyst of Disruptive Tech Research Lewis Bysince, Dialog Semiconductor is the main client Apple. Earlier Energous has secured financial support from Pegatron, another key partner of Apple.

According to Buyense, in the beginning of 2015, Energous has signed a deal with an unnamed electronics manufacturer, who is considered one of the five largest in the world. In the list of those – Apple, Samsung, HP, Microsoft and Hitachi. Of these companies that can cooperate with the developer promising technology, the iPhone maker seems most likely, says analyst.

The implementation of this technology in new generation Apple smartphones will appreciate the prospect of additional charge the smartphone at home, in the office, fast food outlets, airports that will allow the device to work in offline mode, if not indefinitely, then for a very long time. In the beginning of the year, Bloomberg reported citing informed sources that the market for innovative wireless charging Apple is expected to debut in 2017 – the year of the anniversary of the iPhone.

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