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Apple is preparing a “premium” Apple Store redesign

Apple intends to make a more premium interior retail stores Apple Store. In Cupertino decided to revise the design of shop Windows that display the accessories in appliances.

“In July, Apple is planning to change the interior branded stores: the company decided to give it a more premium look. It is planned to put the accessories in a white package and overall improve the uniformity of the products demonstrated,” writes Macotakara.

As part of the upcoming redesign of the changes will be internal arrangement of outlets and product range. We plan to launch in stores new cabinets for the accessories. The latter would be similar to those that can be seen in a new Apple Store opened in the most prestigious area of new York. To such style will seek all new and existing stores in the company that, for the designers, give the stores a more premium look.

Another change will be the reduction of the range of accessories from third party manufacturers. Apple has decided to exhibit at showcase its products exclusively in white boxes. In such containers are traditionally almost all the products of “Apple” company. For that reason, parts accessories decided to give up.

The design of the Apple Store is one of the main components of the success of Apple retail stores. In just one quarter last year nearly 100 million people made purchases in 424 outlets American corporations around the world. The manufacturer of iPhone and iPad gets more profit per square meter of its facilities than any other player on the retail market in the United States.

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The initiator of the recent changes in the design of the Apple Store is head of the Department of retail and online sales of Apple Angela Ahrendts that started in the spring of 2014.

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