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Apple is not the same? Why are those wrong who predicted the collapse of the “Apple” of the Empire

Lately, probably everyone has heard that Apple is not the same, the company is doomed and has no future. Investors dissatisfied with low sales growth, and the iPhone and other Apple gadgets can appreciate. Analysts say that Apple “did not have the courage to bring to market innovative products.” And the media keep churning out headlines about the increase in the advertising budgets of Apple, accusing the company of all mortal sins.

Every day we hear from many people who, incidentally, have no relationship to Apple that the company needs a new innovative product, as it has not released its version of the Amazon Alexa or Google Home, refused to issue its own monitors and routers, does not make a revolution with the iPhone and its services leave much to be desired.

But the fact that some company introduced a new product, does not mean that Apple should follow in her footsteps. If “Apple” Corporation has done that, she’d acquired a reputation as a plagiarist. Apple does absolutely the opposite: she goes her own way, but often receives criticism just because of the fact that the level of growth of its profit does not match with the numbers some analyst.

Wall Street good in numbers, however, investors continue to insist on the need for continuous growth. Of course, no company can thrive forever because of the number of users and markets is not infinite.

As for the confrontation between Apple and Google, the first it is not necessary to repeat every step by the search giant.

This year Apple releases major update of messenger iMessage, adding stickers, animations and unique effects. Many have criticized the company for what the app is not cross-platform, as the same Google Allo. But what’s the point of Apple releasing the iMessage client for Android and other systems, if there is WhatsApp, Viber, etc?

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Many startups make their programs cross-platform in order to attract the maximum number of users and more expensive to sell data to advertisers. Apple doesn’t need to.

The work of such teggiano like Google, for example – creating services that will work equally well on any system. The primary objective of Apple is the integration of your software and hardware.

As for services, Apple has often been criticized for iCloud allegedly sloppy cloud storage Google. But it’s like comparing apples and oranges. iCloud was designed to “just work” on devices of the company. Apple does not seek to turn iCloud into a set of services, where anyone can register and use for free in exchange for advertising and a low level of confidence. It is unlikely that you will see how highly Apple offers to iCloud users who do not have iOS or macOS, as does Google.

Not to mention the fact that Apple does not need to create your search engine just because it is from Google. At that time, as many services kupertinovtsy can work through a browser on any platform on Apple devices they work just fine.

Although Apple and no shortage of innovation, some things are not up to the standards that established the company’s founder Steve jobs. Product quality declined, and with it to argue difficult.

Why Apple has not ceased to be the most innovative company? Artificial intelligence? Machine learning? In fact, the company has made a huge contribution to the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning in iOS 10. Take for example the ability for the iPhone to remember where you parked the car or the facial recognition in the Photo app. Despite this, analysts continue to argue that Apple is no longer innovative company, without giving any objective arguments.

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The news of the day – at the moment nothing compares and surpass the iPhone. Of course, this is the best selling product of the company since 2007, which brought revenues of more than $650 billion Is so successful product that hardly anyone else will ever be able to reach such heights.

What Apple haters often forget is the fact that before the iPhone the smartphone market was a sorry sight. It is the “Apple” smartphone has changed everything. He forced other companies to update their dull phones.

Yes, the reliance Apple iPhone is their Achilles heel. But to say that Apple is a crisis only because the company is not trying to promote artificial intelligence and machine learning everywhere in the the sake of privacy or unable to come up with a gadget that will be more successful than the iPhone, as it has nothing to do with reality.

The smartphone is the defining product of our generation. Annually purchase billions of smartphones. Other electronics could not even dream of such popularity. Even the total sales volume of televisions, computers and game consoles does not compare with the sales of smartphones.

So there is nothing wrong with the fact that Apple depends on iPhone. Why no one criticizes Google for advertising? They have developed the world’s best search engine which is a platform for advertising sales. In 2015, Google earned advertising service AdWords $75 billion.

In the September quarter, the iPhone brought Apple about $28,16 billion In the same three-month period, revenue from the Mac was $5.74 bn, from iPad – of $4.26 billion from services – $6,33 billion from sales of Apple Watch, Apple TV, Beats, iPod and accessories– $2,37 billion.

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No matter what Apple does, there will always be analysts and investors accusing the company of lack of innovation. Most of today’s criticism can be attributed to the jobs era. But, unlike Tim cook, jobs had much more powers and authority as the founder of the company.

The presenter of the program “Mad Money” Jim Cramer was surprised that many analysts do not perceive the achievements of Tim cook:

“Apple always adheres to the highest standards, even if it has one of the most affordable stock. I don’t know what is wrong with these analysts and their recommendations on buying securities, but they obviously helped some therapy.”

Or as expressed by one commentator iDB:

“What more do they need? Flying cars? Technology has reached the peak of its progress and now do not develop so rapidly. Apple will not do anything as long as it will not have confidence in the fact that the technology is ready to enter the mass market.”

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