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“Apple is not always first, but always the best”: Tim cook responded to criticism on the lack of innovation

Apple CEO Tim cook in an interview with Bloomberg responded to criticism of the company in the absence of innovative products. According to him, Apple is seeking to be not the first but the best.

In early June the company announced a “smart” column with the HomePod, which will go on sale in December at a price of $349. The cost of the device is much higher than Google Home, and Amazon Echo. Tim cook reminded that the same situation was during the release of the first models of iPod, iPhone and iPad. First, their price is also considered too high.

“If you remember, when we introduced the iPod, many said: “Why someone will pay $399 for a MP3 player?” When the iPhone was announced was the same: “Someone is going to pay for an iPhone?” iPad went through the same thing,” cook said.

Apple’s CEO noted that audiovisional the device is of great importance for users. That is why HomePod company has paid attention to sound quality.

Tim cook said that criticism of Apple is because the company introduces new technologies late, but better than other manufacturers. As an example, he cited the technology of augmented reality (AR) over which the company has a lot of developers.

At WWDC 2017, the company introduced the platform ARKit, with which developers can create content in augmented reality. According to Tim cook, he is “so excited I want to scream.” Although the technology is not yet complete, it has great prospects.

“We focus on long-term projects. We are not in a hurry to be first in everything, — said cook. Our aim is to be the best and give users something that really changes their lives. If you recall, the iPod was not the first player. iPhone was not first smartphone, the iPad wasn’t the first tablet”.

Also Tim cook has referred to the decisions of the President of the United States Donald trump’s migration policy, which he openly criticized. “I feel a great responsibility as an American and a businessman, therefore, is bound to affect the situation in the areas in which we have the necessary experience,” he said.

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