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Apple is looking for specialists to work on its own GPU for the iPhone and iPad

In the beginning of the month it became known that Apple refuses to cooperate with the developer of graphics solutions for Imagination Technologies Group, which provoked a record drop in prices the British chip maker. According to some, the cupertinos will stop using the technology in their products in the next 15-24 months. Apparently, Apple has decided to go on their own schedule.

As it became known, copertina Corporation began the search for specialists who could get to work on GPUs. On the British website of the company published 11 vacancies related to the development of the GPU. The iPhone maker requires professionals in the new Department. Some jobs indicate the need for a deep understanding of candidates of the architecture of graphics processors.

At the moment, Apple uses the graphics accelerator from Imagination Technologies in their processors A-series. The “Apple” giant is the fourth-largest shareholder of the company, holding an 8% share.

According to some reports, the iPhone 7 uses the same GPU PowerVR GT7600 that in the iPhone 6s. He can’t for a long time to work under heavy load, causing braking and high heat. It is believed that at the time Apple abandoned the use of PowerPC processors in their computers in favor of Intel, because the latter has progressed faster than IBM and Motorola.

Apple did not make any dramatic statements, and information about the company’s plans to create its own GPU not confirmed. Meanwhile, Imagination Technologies has said that the iPhone maker will not be able to do without its developments.

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According to experts, preparing its own GPU can take a lot of time, and we will see the product until 2018.

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