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Apple is looking for experts in the field of medical sensors to work on new Apple Watch

Apple has opened vacancies for new employees. Specialists in the automotive industry were joined by experts on medical electronics. This fact caused a new wave of rumors about the capabilities of the second generation of smart hours Apple Watch.

Currently Apple is looking for two staff members with experience in the field of medical equipment for at least five years. Their duties will be associated with the development of a “portable device”. From applicants for positions require experience with medical sensors, in particular, with heart rate sensors, as well as the ability to create software algorithms that will interact with technology of this kind.

The first wave of vacancies in the medical division of Apple, whose existence is not yet confirmed officially, was held in 2013 and 2014, Then the company presented “your most personal gadget” Apple Watch that collects data on health status. Presentation of the second generation smart watch is expected in spring of this year.

Currently accurate information about the possibilities of innovations are absent. According to some reports, the device is ready to offer “native” new ways to manage health. In Cupertino was working on a function for detecting irregular heart rhythm in order to notify the user of possible danger.

It is known that Apple is actively developing its own car, which is indirectly confirmed by the fact of hiring experts from the automotive companies. Experts in the field of medicine can apply to technical equipment of “Apple” of the Corporation.

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