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Apple is holding a global cleanup App Store, deleted “hundreds of thousands of apps”

Apple continues to defend the App store from the outdated and malfunctioning applications. The company has tightened the requirements for the publication of new titles. Now the moderators will reject applications that are based on standard templates or with the help of generators.

With the release of iOS 11 Apple decided to limit the download and sale of the template and separate them from original content. Developers create many nearly identical apps with the aim of earning. Such practices are never frowned upon, but the old rules allowed such programs to be in the App Store.

Apple not only redefined the rules of publishing applications, but continues to remove obsolete and broken items from our store. Will be removed from the 32-bit applications, spam, pirated content and have not downloaded programs. It has to do is search the App Store more convenient and useful.

After cleaning all the apps will remain with the owners, who will be able to use them by downloading their new versions. Users who have previously downloaded removed from the App Store the app can continue to use it.

The initiative for removing legacy applications was launched in September last year. While Apple does not prohibits the use of third-party tools to create applications, but strives to create a favorable environment for developers and hobbyists. It is reported that Apple has already removed hundreds of thousands of applications that do not comply with the rules.

In addition to more strict rules of moderation of content with the release of iOS 11, the App store received a completely new interface. According to the developers, this is the largest update since launch of the store in 2008.

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