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Apple is going to launch its own production of OLED displays

Apple is preparing to release a new smartphone that the network has already called the iPhone 8 or iPhone Pro. In contrast to the title, which has not yet been disclosed, it is known that the new smartphone will be equipped with 5.8-inch OLED display. Given that to date the only manufacturer of OLED panels is Samsung — it will create the screens for the new iPhone.

Despite the multi-year partnership, Apple and Samsung, primarily, are the main competitors. Given this and the fact that the American Corporation is not used to depend on only one vendor, Apple took matters into their own hands. According to Asian sources, Apple buys the equipment and production facilities in Taiwan, which will be created OLED panels for displays new iPhone.

However, official confirmation from Cupertino yet, and too early to talk about the production of OLED panels to Apple itself. It is likely that the purchased equipment will be made available to other manufacturers who will be able to provide Apple with OLED panels for future iPhones and Apple Watch. Moreover, since the production requires time, it is very unlikely that the release of the next Apple iPhone will manage to equip a factory for the creation of OLED panels. Therefore, the production of screens for the new iPhone will only deal with Samsung.

Recall that according to rumors, this year Apple will introduce three models of the iPhone, and only one of them will be equipped with OLED display. The other two versions of the new smartphone will be presented with the familiar LCD screen as last year’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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