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Apple is going to deny the important iOS functions

Rumors about the new iPhone, which will be presented this fall, do not stop. There are new assumptions and facts. According to Allen Pike, the screen flagship Apple will get a resolution 1125 2436 pixels. Let’s see what this means for users.

The increase in the total useful area of the screen in the new iPhone will lead to the emergence of space at the top of the device. In iOS 11, Apple has added a larger inscription at the top of nearly every application. On current models it looks a bit ridiculous, can not be said about the new devices. The image clearly shows that large fonts will be used where before was the navigation bar, to which we are accustomed.

Allen pike believes that the navigation bar will be moved together with all of the familiar button “Home”, which, in turn, must be embedded in the screen at the bottom of the smartphone. Therefore, the left and right now the built-in screen buttons appear functional space. It is in this place and there is the navigation bar, which in some applications is to perform its functions.

For example, the App Store shows that the context of these buttons changes depending on the running application screen and the displayed content. For the developers of such a solution opens up practically unlimited possibilities for using the space left and right of the Home button.

Apple, moving the navigation bar in the new iPhone, iOS will be deprived of important functions, however, will bring a new, more practical. You must agree that to reach the “Back” button will be more convenient if it is at the bottom of the screen.

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