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Apple is fighting with movie studios to keep the cost of 4K movies for $ 20

The company makes every effort to ensure that the viewer can purchase the Ultra HD pictures are not overpaying. Hollywood studios make concessions. About it reports The Verge.

Apple seriously puzzled by the pricing policy posted in the iTunes movies are available in 4K resolution. The company wants to set a price tag in the amount of 19.99 $, but a number of Hollywood film studios plan to get a premium of $ 5 — $ 10, explaining all the “exclusive 4K content.”

The fact that upcoming presentation, which will be held on September 12, Apple is planning to announce a new generation of Apple TV. The main feature the device will support 4K video. Of course, that an American company is interested in good level of sales and rate of profit does not on the console itself and the content which will later be purchased by the user.

So, the previously announced Apple TV 4th gen was $149 (32GB) and it is this price “kill” sales of the device, and the user gave preference to the cheaper consoles from Roku and Amazon (by the way, the cost of Amazon Fire TV is only 89,99 $).

Work on the bugs Apple is able to do and the price tag on new generation of consoles is unlikely to excite, but it needs something to intrigue the user. The cost of movies in 4K and was supposed to be a “bait”.

The average cost of 4K pictures in the range of 30 — 35 dollars. If Apple will set the same price in iTunes, there is no “exclusivity” will not work. Alas, a number of representatives from film studios often meet Apple one: “I’m Sorry, but we do not tell you how much you need to sell iPad”?

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