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Apple is developing displays for the Apple Watch and AR glasses

Apple is developing screens MicroLED together with TSMC, which produces processors for the iPhone and iPad. This was reported by Digitimes.
According to analyst Luke Lignano, Apple creates a display size 1.3-1.4 inches for the Apple Watch. Lin also said that the company is developing a screen with a diagonal of 0.7-0.8 inches. He suggests that small display are designed for glasses with augmented reality.

Screens MicroLED on 400-600% more expensive than OLED displays that are installed in the current generation of the Apple Watch. Lin believes that the new displays will be installed only in expensive versions of the watch. According to the analyst, MicroLED-screen for the Apple Watch will start mass production in 2019.

Unlike OLED displays, screens MicroLED use different light-emitting compound. This panel MicroLED brighter and consume less energy.

In March 2018 Bloomberg learned that Apple has a secret lab, which is developing a new technology screens. In contrast to Digitimes analyst, Bloomberg are less optimistic. They believe that the MicroLED screen for the Apple Watch will start producing in two years, and a similar display for iPhone will be released in five years.

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