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Apple is developing a self-adjusting straps for Apple Watch

10 Oct 2017 Apple was granted a patent protecting methods for creating self-adjusting straps for the Apple Watch. This invention can replace the usual types of fasteners used for the current generation of smart watches.

Patent and trademark office issued patent No. 9 984 781 on the dynamic adjustment of the mounts for wearable electronic devices. The document describes in detail how the straps of the Apple Watch and other gadgets can be tightened tighter or become looser with the built-in tensioning devices. The application for the patent was filed in April 2015.

Fasteners used for “clever” hours the current generation may not always provide a sufficiently tight fit. This not only causes some inconvenience to users, but also affects the accuracy of the data of the various sensors such as a heart rate monitor or sensitive accelerometers.

The new system will improve the efficiency of the Apple Watch. The strap can be tightened automatically or be adjusted by the user.

According to the patent, the tensioning system can work with the application:

  • elements having a shape memory;
  • built-in ratchet mechanism;
  • built-in or able to work independently of the gas or hydraulic component;
  • the rolling elements of the strap;
  • extendable body parts.

Models straps can vary in hardness and to combine several mechanisms for a more accurate fit to the user’s hand.

In some models, the tension mechanism is triggered and automatically detects user’s biometric data. In other variations of the tension of the strap can be adjusted through the screen, choosing one of the preset levels, or giving the command to loosen or tighten a fastener.

It is difficult to say exactly when the new technology will appear in the Apple Watch.

The current model of straps, Apple Watch can be improved with the help of latest inventions. The zip sports watches can be replaced by a self-regulating system, and the straps are made of nylon and metal parts is easy to implement wire Nitinol, is able to decompress and tightened under the action of electric current.

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