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Apple is developing a hearing aid that can be used to control your iPhone

Apple has long been trying to enter the market of medical equipment and appropriate software. This time a California Corporation, in cooperation with the Australian company Cochlear has created a hearing device that can be controlled with an iPhone.

In June of the current year Management on control over products and medicines of the USA approved the release of the Cochlear Nucleus processor 7, which can transmit sound directly from your compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to an implant, surgically established patient. The processor also allows to control and adjust the sound using the iPhone.

Such a hearing aid is not something unique. Previously, there were other devices that were connected to the iPhone using special apps. Feature joint development of Apple and Cochlear will sastric that its operation does not need to install any additional software.

To configure collaboration iPhone and a hearing aid Cochlear Nucleus 7 as simple as headphones or any Bluetooth gadget that is compatible with the Apple smartphone. To do this in the iPhone settings go to accessibility and go to the tab “Devices for listening”. Next you need to click on that appears in the list of the device from Cochlear.

Once the hearing aid will be connected to iPhone, manage sound settings, volume level and other settings directly from the smartphone.

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