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“Apple is destined Nokia”: analysts have given the company two years

Technology companies can’t succeed by trying to please their Board of Directors or even clinching multimillion-dollar deals with partners. No matter it is a respected multinational Corporation or a dynamic start-up, wins the one who will make happy their customers. Companies that lose sight of that are doomed.

The browser of the information Agency “Magnesia” paints a bleak picture of the future of Apple. In his opinion, the company has a considerable chance to repeat the fate of Nokia, which was the largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world, but lost the technological race. The journalist draws Parallels between the two companies.


The most valuable company in the world. The most famous brand. But does it matter to users whose devices every day work worse? There was a time when “Apple” products can safely recommend as the fastest and most stable. Now the company manufactures involved in a technological race with the market, which it lost at the start. Not surprising if in the end, the “unsinkable” company from Cupertino is near death for the second time in its history.

The most expensive budget smartphone

Screen with a resolution 1334h750 pixels, 16 GB of internal memory expansion, 2 GB RAM, camera with a matrix resolution of 12 megapixels, the battery volume 1715 mAh. Excellent features for a budget Android smartphone… or the latest iPhone 6s. In Cupertino, apparently, think that for adherents with the right bitten side of the Apple no matter what are the features on the smartphone. Already at the start of sales, the iPhone 6S is obsolete the device overpriced. Yes, it is a new promising technology of 3D Touch, but the presentation of the device in early September, users are unable to explain why we need to press with force on the screen to invoke various actions, which used to be available in a couple taps.

The iPhone 6S (Plus) for the first time in four years has dramatically improved the camera, but did not have increased storage space for photos and videos on the device. You will not be able to remove a half-hour 4K video on a younger model “Eski”, because you run out of memory on the device. The user who wants a lot of quality shooting on a new camera, have to pay for cloud storage iCloud. Never before has Apple no arm-twisting users so harshly, almost forcing to pay extra for the device capabilities after purchase.

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iOS 9

“Wait, but we can’t compare devices on Android and iOS directly, because iOS is optimized for a specific hardware!”

Device “jobs” really were never the most fancy, but they forgave that. The optimization software solves all the problems: the device with a smaller battery and a weaker processor run faster and longer. Starting with iOS 7 something has changed in the approach to developing an operating system for mobile devices. The optimization is sacrificed in favor of functionality, and this “victim” for the third year degrades the user experience.

In iOS 7 introduced a new “flat” design. Greeted him without much enthusiasm, but in the end all used. In addition to an improved exterior design “seven” was characterized by the deterioration speed. Smartphones and tablets began to slow “out of the blue”, and it was unusual for longtime Apple fans, accustomed to the stability and smooth running of their gadgets. Along with the new features in iOS 8 promised the acceleration of the system: it even has become faster. However the smoothness like iOS 6 did not appear. This summer at WWDC was announced iOS 9, which promised to work on the smoothness of the interface and optimization.

In early September, many expected iOS 9 came out. And what do we see? Annoying “friezes”, lags even on new devices! Instead of “optimizing” the new system brought even more bugs: so many of them were not even in the beta versions of iOS 7! Why should only forcibly switch CAPS when changing keyboard layout (this problem won’t still even in public beta iOS 9.1). Once Apple is famous for attention to detail, but it was lost with the rejection of the “skeuomorph” iOS.

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Another problem with iOS devices is a small volume built-in rechargeable batteries. A couple of years ago over Android users laughed, believing that “backout” can’t live without the charger more than half a day. Today “the bull’s-eye witnesses on the case” to hear similar jokes in his address. Any smartphone from Apple iOS 9 in active use can’t work from morning to evening without charging.

Localization devices

iPhone in Smolensk and the same iPhone in Cupertino are two different devices. The many new services that are released for iOS only works in the United States. As an example, Siri, the voice assistant, on which were pinned a lot of hope, received a Russian language four years after the release of the technology. And even after receiving the Russian language, Siri users in Russia is available via the service “Wolfram alpha”, which implements much of the functionality of the voice assistant. With such speed localization technology, Apple Pay will come to us a little earlier than our children will go to school.

The new iOS 9 translation leaves much to be desired. Changed for all languages the font from Helvetica to San Francisco, in Cupertino not smart enough to test fit all the labels in embedded applications in the seats reserved for them. As a result, users see the Camera in mode “slow” and “Pano-Rama”.

Viruses in the App Store

For many years one of the advantages of iOS devices was safety. Restrictions on the user, just don’t let him “catch” the virus. Every app that enters the App Store, tested moderators of the company, and Apple has always ensured that the app you download from the store, safe for user data.

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Debugged the system failed in the autumn of this year, when a couple of times in a row were found infected hundreds of thousands of iPhone users around the world (primarily in Asia). The cause of the outbreak was the application that loaded the developers that used the modified Xcode (an integrated environment for creating programs for iOS and Mac). Susceptible to this “infection” turned out to be even big developers: Rovio, developer of Angry Birds, had to withdraw last update its games for the Chinese users, as it was pernicious. These epidemics showed that the moderated App Store has become a fiction and does not guarantee peace users.

What will happen next?

No, Apple is not doomed. The company has another year or two, during which time they will forgive mistakes. But cupertinos have a considerable chance to repeat the fate of Nokia. Once the Finns were the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world, but they lost the technological race. The impression that the “Apple” of the Corporation is lazy and thinks that will always be first. However, competitors especially from China, are catching up and now offer devices that work much better.

What you need to do subordinate Tim cook to rectify the situation? Surely you must remember what was different the previous iOS from other mobile operating systems: stability, security and optimization. None of that now, and if in the near future, Apple will continue a fruitless race for the functionality of the operating system from Google, waiting for the future with one mobile operating system. Android will remain without competitors, one for all. And in a world where there is no competition, progress stops.

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