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Apple is better to postpone the release of the iPhone 8, or to deprive it of certain functions? [poll]

The first month of summer was extremely stressful for the engineers and designers Apple. The company is working feverishly in an attempt to fix a number of bugs in the new iPhone 8. Some sources claim that Apple may aband on the multiple functions of the smartphone due to issues with the implementation.

Several knowledgeable sources reported that the engineers and developers of Apple are “in a panic” due to the fact that they have little time left to fix the bugs software iPhone 8 and they do not have time. In addition, the company has still not decided where to house the fingerprint scanner.

According to rumors, the cupertinos have any problems with the inductive charging technology iPhone 8. The development will be ready with a delay of several weeks, while wireless charging is sold separately.

Sources and the serious problems in the 3D scanner for facial recognition. If Apple does not manage to resolve issues with the software, then release new items can be delayed or the phone will be presented with a limited set of functions.

Currently, Apple is trying to eliminate software errors that occur when you use wireless charging, face recognition and scanner Touch ID, which the company tried to improve. There is a risk that the smartphone may go without support Apple Pay service.

Now Apple is facing a dilemma: to release the iPhone 8 with a delay that will adversely affect results in the fourth quarter, or to deprive him of several key functions, which can lead to a drop in sales and loss of reputation. On the one hand, users can’t wait to see our anniversary flagship with edge-to-edge screen. On the other hand, would be more honest if smartphone for $1000 you will get full functionality out of the box.

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How do I get Apple to postpone the release of iPhone 8 or release it on time, but without some features? What do you think?

Apple should delay the release of the iPhone 8, or to deprive it of certain functions?

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