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Apple is asking the U.S. Supreme court to punish Samsung for copying iPhone

The trial between Apple and Samsung lasts for several years. The first managed to convince the court that the Koreans have violated a number of patents, most of which are associated with the interface elements of the iPhone. And now Samsung is fighting for a review of this decision. Apple has appealed to the U.S. Supreme court with a request to rule in its favor in the proceedings on patents for the design of the iPhone and iPad.

Apple on the outcome of litigation is going to get from Samsung a few hundred million dollars. In August last year, the Federal U.S. court of appeals denied the Koreans in the revision of the decision to pay Apple compensation for patent infringement, and explaining the reasons for its decision. This is despite the fact that the largest IT companies, including Google, Facebook, Dell, HP, eBay and others, entered into a patent war with a petition to the Federal court of appeal. Giants asked to review a decision by past Apple and Samsung and to repeal certain provisions that have been identified as patent infringement first.

Samsung filed a request to reconsider the decision in the U.S. Supreme court. The statement says that smartphones are very difficult and complex product that combines thousands of hardware and software components, each of which individually may be the subject of legal proceedings. As a result, any small item like the shape of icons in the interface may deprive the manufacturer of all profits derived from the development of an innovative product. And it would set a dangerous precedent that will directly hinder the industry and prevent innovation.

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On Friday, the lawyer for Apple told the court that Samsung had not presented a justification of their position. If the U.S. Supreme court will side with American corporations, the litigation lasting since 2012, will be completed.

The trial between Apple and Samsung, which began in 2011, was submitted by the first due to the violation of many patents, including the function, Slide to unlock, scrolling, zooming with two fingers and some others. The initial court decision was meant to pay Apple more than $1 billion But later the Korean manufacturer was able to reduce the amount of compensation to $930 million and then to $548 million, And now this amount is disputed by both sides in the conflict.

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