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Apple is a step closer to the opening of the Apple Store in India

Apple has long been trying to open an Apple Store in India, and I think and wish will finally come true. It is reported by Cult of Mac.

This assumption is based on the fact that India has just given the Chinese mobile phone maker Oppo permission to open its own retail store. Thus, the Oppo first for the third largest smartphone market in the world have such an opportunity.

So far India has not allowed foreign companies to open in the country their own point of sale. Instead, they had to put their products in special shops and at the same time give the state 30 percent of the profits. It seems that this law can now be circumvented.

Now Apple sells their devices through premium Resellers (wholesale trade intermediaries between the producer and the final buyer) and is going to open Apple Store, similar to the one that is located on Fifth Avenue in new York.

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