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Apple iPhone SE the second generation will be a great smartphone. But there are three minus

Paul Gorodnitsky – on device, looking for all the fans of compact and affordable smartphones.

9 January 2018 – historical date is finally confirmed that Apple will release the iPhone SE the second generation. The gadget will clearly get a new name (Special Edition 2 – an oxymoron), but that’s not important now.

Much more interesting is the fusion network specs: CPU a10, 2 GB RAM, 12 MP camera, 4-4,2-inch screen, a glass housing and support wireless charging.

Still have the provisional price – $ 400 for a 32-Gigabyte version. How much will the 128 GB variant is unknown. But there is a very approximate time of the premiere either in the spring or early summer.

So, if you believe the insiders word for it, I have exactly three complaints to Apple.

Tiny screen

Form factor conventional SE iPhone (or iPhone 5) simply created in order to remove the frame to push the screen to make happy all fans of Apple, but at the same time to discourage the audience from Android, because there are compact flagships almost no – Sony is not in the bill.

But if Cupertino has built a small bezrobotnych, it would be a competitor for the iPhone 8, iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s. The diagonal would be about 4.5-4.7 inches, and the finger easily reached at any point on the screen. Apparently, the boss of Apple has decided that $ 400 to give such a device too bold. Moreover, it inevitably would reduce the sale of fixed iPhones.

As a result, Americans once again will present a smartphone with a diagonal of 2012. Do not lie to yourself: four inches is negligible. A 4.2 – better, but still nothing. Uncomfortable to watch a movie, to photos, to read, to type text without AutoCorrect. The world has changed – life requires more screens.

You have to understand: people buy 4-inch iPhone SE the first generation not because it is small and fast, and because it’s cheap. Before the price on the SE fell to 20 thousand, most popular iPhone in Russia was the ancient 5s. Exactly for the same reason – it was the most affordable.

So it is a pity that the iPhone SE (2018) – just a mini version of the iPhone 8. Yes, very interesting to see the new design, but at such diagonal already, we can safely say that the new smartphone will be a decent frame.

32 GB internal memory

Apparently, Apple again Sarmatic memory. Expected, but still sad.

Of course, it’s time to adapt to cloud services, but the memory of 32 gigabytes is as a single-chamber refrigerator. Some of the products to get, but some will have to stand on the balcony and then run back and forth, remembering where everything is. Seriously, 32 GB is:

– Broad application;

– A couple favorite albums offline (the rest is in the cloud);

– Weekly reviews of pictures;

– Short videos (“you Have not enough memory, delete unnecessary”).

Yes, you can hide behind the idea of saving (don’t want to pay – be patient), but it would be more honest to insert the 64-Gigabyte module and earn a standing ovation, and not oblique views. And so – or a very long (128 – abyss), or quite a few. But thank you for this time without 16GB.

Wireless charging

Apple continues to develop its hopeless direction. There is no iPhone 8 or iPhone X, nothing has changed: the Qi charging still lie unclaimed, because this makeup takes about 5-6 hours from 0 to 100 percent. The phone thus can not touch it – it is fixed on the panel and gaining strength.

In General, the presence of induction charging in the iPhone SE (2018) can be justified only if at the same event Apple will show a universal Mat AirPower for iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch.

If to put aside all minor weaknesses, the updated iPhone SE – high-quality, relatively inexpensive and pretty powerful smartphone, which will definitely be in the Russian bestseller.

For this he needs only one thing – cheaper.

How much will the second generation iPhone SE?

Of course, the actual information yet, but it is easy to calculate. The easiest way to withdraw a course with the Apple Watch 3. So, for a 42 mm version in the States asking for 359 dollars, and we have 27 thousand rubles. So the correct rate is around 75 rubles for one Apple-dollar.

Accordingly, if the ruble will not change in the coming months, 400 dollar iPhone SE (2018) will cost 30 thousand rubles for a minimal modification with 32 GB memory.

The price tag right from the pre-crisis 2014.



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