Apple iPhone sales in April fell by more than 75 percent & nbsp

Apple iPhone sales fall more than 75 percent in April
KeyBans analysts today released Apple's smartphone sales report. According to the April report, iPhone sales fell 77 percent year on year. It is worth noting that iPhone sales in March 2020 also fell by more than 56%.
Analysts attribute the main reason for this decline to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It was because of the pandemic that many of the company's stores were quarantined.

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At the same time, Goldman Sachs, a popular investment bank in the USA, also published a forecast regarding the future of the company. According to analysts, iPhone sales will fall by 36% year on year for the second quarter of 2020. However, closer to the end of the year, the difference will be no more than 2 percent. Nevertheless, analysts from Goldman Sachs still recommend selling the company's shares now.
However, in the fall, the release of new smartphones of the iPhone 12 line will take place. It is possible that the release of new smartphones of the company will cause booming sales.

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