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Apple: iPad Pro better than your PC because it has the Apple Pencil [video]

Apple has released a new video in the new advertising campaign for the iPad. In a new series of videos “Apple” tablet is positioned as a replacement for traditional computers.

New promotional series of Apple based on tweets in which users point to the shortcomings of personal computers based on Windows. Part of commercials aimed at PC users who are skeptical about the tablet from Apple and do not perceive it as a “real computer”. The other part of the rollers indicates the deficiencies of computers based on Windows, which is not characteristic of the iPad.

In the video “No more printing” company plays with the situation where a user needs to sign the document. To do this on a traditional computer, you have to first print the document, sign it and scan back. In the case of the iPad Pro enough to get the stylus to sign the document digitally.

“The real solution to the problem. You would not have had more to print if your computer has been iPad Pro,” said Apple.

In Apple believe that the iPad can fully replace a PC. At one conference the head of the Corporation Tim cook said on a business travel and travel technology it takes only a iPad Pro, iPhone and Apple Watch. According to him, the tablet and the Smart keyboard stylus for Apple Pencil can be a perfect replacement for laptops and computers.

The goal of the new advertising campaign for Apple to convince users that the iPad Pro can really replace the traditional PC.

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