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Apple iOS and macOS 10.13 11 High Sierra automatically puts users on two-factor authentication

Apple is constantly working to improve the security of their devices. The company recommends users to use technologies like two-step or two-factor authentication. In iOS and macOS 10.13 11 High Sierra, the company plans to move to two-factor authentication. Apple already notifies users by e-mail.

In 2013, Apple introduced the new service two-factor authentication, which assures users that they only can access to your account, even if someone discovers the password. Two years later, with the release of iOS 9 and OS X Yosemite, the developers have introduced two-factor authentication. Although the name sounds like, it adds an additional layer of security that protects your account in case of hacking by hackers.

The methods are similar, but have their own characteristics. When two-factor authentication six-digit verification code sent to your trusted devices that are connected to the same Apple ID account. In addition, displays a map with the approximate location from where a request was made to the input. In a less secure two-stage method the four-digit code sent to your registered phone via SMS message.

At the moment iOS and macOS 10.13 11 High Sierra available in beta versions for developers. Public testing of the operating systems will start in late June, and the final release is scheduled for autumn this year.

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