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Apple: iOS 9 will not be equal for efficient use of battery

In the new operating system iOS 9 will be implemented some interesting features designed to improve the autonomy of mobile devices. So, one of the innovations of the platform off of the screen for notifications when the iPhone is in your pocket or bag. But this is not the only conquest “nine”.

Changes in iOS 9 are associated with the processing of applications running in the background. Now the OS intelligently retains a certain network activity until you connect to Wi-Fi and activates “heavy” processes in those moments when the device is connected to the power adapter.

During the sessions of WWDC Apple announced new rules for apps in iOS 9 and has provided a number of recommendations for the establishment of energy efficiency programs. One of them relates to the work in the background. Now in the moments when the device is disabled, it should not cause absolutely no load (absolute idle), which will extend the battery life of gadgets.

Another feature designed to improve the autonomy of the iPhone and iPad, is related to power management of the processor. iOS 9 will be less likely to turn to the computer module when the device is in standby mode. On application by Apple, it will reduce the phase transition of the processor to the active mode and reduce the load on the battery.

“IOS is the best in the class, said Apple representatives. “But our customers want more.” The company stressed that the ninth edition of the mobile OS will be the most effective from the point of view of use of the battery.

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The developers will create new applications and update existing software products in accordance with the new rules. To this end the new tools Xcode added the indicator helps to assess how effectively the application from the point of view of autonomy.

Apple itself copied system software iOS 9 in order to make them as energy efficient as possible. The company has updated the operating system partition statistics draining the battery. In the list of the most costly tasks you can now see separately the time on the screen and the time in the background.

In iOS 9 become better several fundamental indicators platform. Time battery life with average use increased for 1 hour, also added the power saving mode, providing 3 additional hours of work. To install software updates require less space, and the function “Install later” allows you to update the iPhone and iPad in the period when they are not used.

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