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Apple iOS 9 will increase the limit songs to iTunes Match to 100,000

In 2011, Apple launched a cloud-based iTunes Match service, through which users can listen remotely on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and Mac and PC music obtained from any source, including from the online iTunes store, as well as CD-ROMs and torrent trackers. Pay only 799 rubles a year, music lovers can store their entire music library in the cloud.

At the moment, iTunes Match has a limit 25 000 songs. However, with the release of iOS 9 in Cupertino will increase this figure to 100 000 tracks. About this he wrote on Twitter Apple’s Vice President of Internet services eddy cue, responding to a question from a user.

“Does Apple Music a limit of 25,000 tracks that iTunes Match?”, – wrote a user under the name @karlfranks.

“25 000 during launch and 100 000 after the release of iOS 9,” wrote eddy cue.

The top Manager noted that Apple Music will work on the same principle as iTunes Match, that is, users do not need to subscribe to both services to get this functionality.

Now after you subscribe, iTunes Match goes through three stages of work. The first stage is scanning your music collection on a matching of the songs in the Apple store, the directory which has about 30 million tracks. Once iTunes match music library with iCloud, the user can listen to music from the cloud on any device. The only limitation is the download time and network bandwidth.

Need to understand the limits on number of songs: the service will scan a maximum of 25,000 songs that were added to your library, not from the iTunes Store. The remaining tracks, honestly bought in the online Apple store, will be available from the cloud in unlimited quantities.

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iTunes Match and Apple Music, using the standard AAC with a bitrate of 256 kbps, and all the tracks in a higher bitrate are translated into this format. The quality of the original music files are not affected.

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