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Apple: iOS 9 have moved 70% of users are iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

One of the key advantages of iOS over Android has always been considered low fragmentation. It is not so much the shortcomings of the latter, but with the fact that Android phones and tablets produces many manufacturers who independently determine the version installed in such platforms, while all iOS devices are manufactured solely by Apple.

In early October, only three weeks after the debut of iOS 9, the new operating system was installed on 57% of compatible devices. Towards the end of October, its share rose to 61%. In early November, Apple boasted increase in the presence of iOS 9 to 66%, and by December 1 the share of “nine” has reached 70%.

The recent spike in Cupertino is associated with the release of major iOS updates 9.1, which appeared more than 150 new Emoji with enhanced support for Unicode 7.0 and 8.0, and the function of imagery live photo learned to stop “recording” in that case, if the phone is abruptly raised or lowered.

As for iOS 8, its penetration dropped to 22% while the share of older Apple operating systems account for only 8% of the market.

Apple has updated the statistics of the distribution ahead of the release of iOS updates in 9.2, which is in the final stages of testing. The latest build is beta 4 – released on November 19. iOS 9.2 fixes a number of bugs, iOS 9.1 and improves performance.

On the list of major innovations iOS 9.2, you can call the function NumberSync that allows you to receive calls and initiate them from any approved device, even over the Internet, updated software component Safari View Controller, which is now even more linked with the Safari application and Arabic language support for Siri. Russian users will appreciate the bug fix that caused “sticking” of the caps when you switch from English.

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