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Apple iOS 11 will “kill” almost 200,000 apps

With the release of iOS 11 will cease to operate by about 200,000 apps. This is reported by analysts of research company Sensor Tower.

In the next edition of their mobile platform Apple plans to completely abandon support for 32-bit applications. According to Sensor Tower the App Store there are almost 8%. Thus, according to analysts ‘ estimates, with the release of iOS 11 will stop working around 187 000 apps for the iPhone and iPad.

In early 2015, Apple has ordered developers to go 64 bit. To push the creators of applications, the company added in iOS 10.1 a special warning about the slowdown of the gadgets that appears when you run 32-bit programs. IOS 11, the company plans to completely abandon support applications written for 32-bit.

Now, if the application code isn’t updated to support 64-bit architecture, when running iOS 10.2.1 shows the notification: “the Application can slow down your iPhone. The developer of this app needs to release an update to improve the compatibility with the system”.

In iOS 10.3 Apple has changed the warning. Now the OS reports: “you Need to update the app. This program will not work with future versions of iOS. To improve compatibility, the developer of this program, you need to update it.”

The announcement of iOS 11 is expected at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference-2017, which will be held from 5 to 9 June.

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