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Apple iOS 11 simplified the creation of watch faces for Apple Watch

With the release of iOS 11 to change the dials on the Apple Watch became a lot easier: Apple has added to OS a special button in the Photo app.

In the latest versions of the operating system for the iPhone and Apple Watch users can set the dial photos. On “smart” watches need to scroll through the pictures in the synchronized album, until you find a suitable image. You can also activate the automatic change image every time the user lifts the wrist.

IOS 11, the task has become much simpler thanks to specialnoise “to Create the dial” on the panel “Share.” Now just open the photo in the Photos app, click sharing, and then choose how to display the picture in normal view or in the “Kaleidoscope”.

Use the Watch app you can select up to 10 images that will automatically change on the screen of the Apple Watch. This greatly simplifies the creation of custom dials.

For kaleidoscope offers some new standard of images, particularly images of flowers and balloons. You can also choose the style of a kaleidoscope — “Face” or “Radius”.

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