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Apple iOS 11 has solved the problem of auto-connect to wifi with bad Internet

In June, Apple introduced iOS 11 for compatible devices. As found by users testing the new software update, the new version of the company’s developers have managed to solve the common problem of connecting to Wi-Fi access points with poor or absent Internet.

Among the owners of cafes, fast food restaurants, managers of offices and ordinary residents is a widespread practice of creating Wi-Fi hotspots with no password, with default name (SSID) like “Linksys”, “Netgear” and “default”. Sometimes in such cases, the router is not used to connect to the Internet and to local network.

However, smartphones and computers, visitors are usually configured to automatically search and connect to networks with the already known names: if the device previously connected to a network called “Linksys”, it will automatically connect to another network with the same SSID.

In addition, the user can once connect to the Wi-Fi in the same fast food restaurant, and every time you walk past him he will face the fact that the iPhone loses the ability to receive and transmit Internet data.

Browsing the iPhone via high-speed LTE connectivity and passing this point without the Internet, the user will lose network access. Despite the development of 3G and 4G networks, operating systems still consider Wi-Fi a higher priority because it consumes less battery power, sometimes faster mobile Internet and almost always cheaper.

Apple developers tried to fix the problem with connecting to the Wi-Fi hotspots in iOS 11. If the wireless network is not connected to the Internet or it happens at very low speed, the OS will remember that this point should no longer automatically connect. Next to the name of the network appears “automatic connection disabled”. Others, however, a reliable network will continue to operate as usual.

How exactly this technology works, is unknown: in the iOS 11 says nothing about this feature.

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